Melissa dismissed Flickr to Steph the other day, saying she knew nothing about it. I found this very interesting that her generation is so caught up in the latest social media buzz that Flickr could have passed them by.

Yahoo! acquired Flickr from a start-up group in 2005. I was involved with Yahoo! doing mapping stuff so it came into my radar and I signed up as a Pro user (unlimited) and have been hosting my photo collection there for years. Both of my blogs link directly to my photos there.

SmugMug acquired them last year and other than some cosmetic changes, the service is still solid. Stats for Flickr are somewhat secretive but this is what I've uncovered:

 • 75 million registered photographers across 63 countries.

 • 10 billion photos in their database.

 • Millions of photos are uploaded daily.

These are significant numbers!