God it feels good to help people! I'm telling this story, not for you to be impressed with what a great guy I am (cause I'm not), but to inspire you to pay it forward whenever you are blessed with the opportunity.

I was hanging out at the park today, shirt less and in shorts, trying to stay cool in this heat wave, when a rattley vehicle pulled up behind me. The voices sounded young and in distress so I got out and said what's the problem?

It was three teenage kids, two skinny little white girls and a boy with an afro. The driver of the little car, with the hood up, said her radiator was cracked and she was pouring radiator fluid into it.

We chatted for a bit while the car cooled off, and they said they were local kids, with no money, and they needed gas. They were really nice and I immediately decide to help them out.

I told them that when they get the car cooled off, go down to the Taz Mart, right next to Crockett Shoals Tubing, and tell them that Jim bought them some gas. I know the couple that run the place pretty well as I drove the bus for CST a couple of summers age.

The kids were very grateful, I drove to Taz Mart, explained the situation to the guy, and left $20. As I was walking back to my truck I was overwhelmed with a felling I can only describe as fulfilling.

Pay it forward my friends, it feels damn good! I could die tomorrow, and if I could be known by the people I've helped, as opposed to the people I've hurt, I would move on in peace...