I eat a lot of eggs, and I love getting hold of the good ones. Kroger offers Pasture Raised eggs for six or seven bucks, but you really don't know what your getting. Sometimes you need to go to the source.

I've been following a lovely lady with the handle farmerkaty from Lawrenceburg, TN, on TikTok. She talks about her farm and her animals, but particularly about her chickens.

I decided to drive out to her place this morning so we hooked up via email and text and I was off on an adventure for some farm raised, free range eggs.

It was a twenty mile drive out into the country, on beautiful little roads I'd never seen before. Katy was charming, I met her family, then met her chickens. She even pulled three eggs out from under a laying hen, placed them in my hands, and they were warm.

They just recently started adding minerals from volcanic ash out of Utah, to the feed, so the eggs should be healthy and delicious.

I got four dozen eggs, two unwashed, for $4 each. The unwashed have a layer on them called the bloom and they can go un-refrigerated for three weeks. Both types can last for three months if refrigerated.

I can't wait to taste them. Here's the unwashed eggs:

And the washed:

And I met my first TikTok influencer today, very cool. Here's her Facebook.

And this is Farmer Katy Eagle. She lives on that beautiful farm with her husband, and her mother and father. Real, down home folks.