I paid my rent today, and walked back to my landlord Steve's office and chatted for a bit. He's doing very well!

A Nashville group has made him an offer to buy all of his well over 150 rental units around here (I think he said 174). He's also behind the new storage units being built north of town, and of course his used car lot.

I drove for him a couple years ago, bringing cars from up North down to his lot, and he told his contractor Ricky about me and that's how I started driving the tube bus.

Anyway, I asked if my rent would go up substantially under the new group, and he didn't think so, maybe $50.

I told him hey, I'm a grown ass man and if they did drive me out of my range, I would just move on to the next adventure somewhere. Besides, the new U.S. life expectancy number is now at 76, and I'm one month past my expiration date.

On the way out, Steve's office lady said the potential buyers are doing an in home visit tomorrow between 9 and 12 to photograph my place. Really, glad I paid my rent a day early, now I better go mop that kitchen floor.