It's cold here in southern Tennessee, sort of, like about 25 or so, but I came here from the Idaho mountains where it got down to 40 below often, so it's all relative.

I'm hunkered down in my little bedroom office space with my computer, smaller TV, and my bed with cat sleeping on it. The only heater in the house is sitting on the floor warming the space up nicely, screw the local utility company who wanted a hundred bucks deposit to turn on the gas.

Christmas day is a week away and I can't wait. Until then I will hang low, watch the Titans on Sunday, try to eat healthy and not drink too much. On christmas eve I will be right here with the heater on, cat on bed, looking forward to New Years.

And stuff will continue to fall from my hands, I drop everything, it's comical. If this is the only downside from whatever ails me, fine, I'll live with it.

I have a job resume sitting on a local Lawrenceburg city desk that I'm totally qualified for and probably could land. It's a noble job setting up rides for seniors that I applied for recently. I'm really torn, do I want to go back to work, am I up for it, would my physical issues get in the way? Wow, I don't know, merry christmas and a fucking happy new year.

btw: Sometimes the f-word is the only word that works...