Cognitive decline is a bitch.

Do you ever have those occasional moments when you do something spacy, like putting your phone in the refrigerator, or forgetting where you are for a second, or what you're doing at the moment?

Happens to me all the time lately. I suppose, as a man who's expiration has expired, and one who has enjoyed, used, and abused his brain for decades, I should be grateful that anything is left up there at all.

And to my lovely grand-daughter Shelby, who suggested that maybe it was time to put web development back on the table, my answer is sadly still the same. No.

After fifty years of writing code, I officially retire, due to cognitive declination.

I still have a bunch of my web apps out there, that I use frequently. I never tried to profit from any of them, just a gift to the world, like this, and this.