I visualized today several times during the last few weeks. Standing at the top of the stairs leading down from my deck to the street. Nothing but shorts on, warm sun tanning my body while I watch the very brown natives and bikini clad tourists walk by.

It's just as imagined, with the bonus of soft rock reggae with a beat floating constantly across the sand from the nearby bar where I had great pork tacos for dinner last night.

Today we chill. Brian and I had the comp breakfast at his place this morning and then walked the island. I got some great shots with my Sony and now he's off feeding Nadia and I'm loving it on the porch.

I think we're going to swim, and some chick from Canada, been here 22 years, invited us into her Mango Restoration house for a tour, so who knows...

Tomorrow we water taxi to San Pedro island for two days, then done.