Did you know that the average monthly rent for a Manhattan apartment is over $5,000. I pay $450 for my little man cave on a dead end street in a hick town in southern Tennessee, and I got a creek and a park to go with it.

I can crank my sound system as loud as I want, I leave the door wide open and suck air through it with my ceiling fans, and out the back windows toward the creek. No air conditioning and I have chipmunks walk casually into my house for peanuts.

I see everyone who comes into my neighborhood, down my quiet street, and my shotgun is loaded and a few steps away. But I've been here four years now, and have not had any bad actors roll through here.

The other night I left my truck wide open with my wallet in it crammed with cash and my cards. I woke up at 0200 realizing what I had done, and walked out naked and fixed it.

My grocery store, my liquor store, my gym, my job, many restaurants, and Walmart, are within three miles away.

So, New York can charge 5k for the privilege of living in that crime and drug infested crap hole of a big city, and shove it up their ass!