It's 2pm in Tennessee on a Wednesday afternoon, Mar 1, 2023. Fairly decent day, door wide open, enjoying life.

My way of dealing with the internal vibrations has been to numb them out.

By 2pm, I've created content, I'm well into my drink, and stoned. The combination makes life OK. It's an easy way to get through an otherwise tough day, full of self pity and vibrations.

If my daughter can make it out here at the end of the month, I will use her energy to combat that stuff naturally, and I will be straight.

Shelby is waiting in the wings, to join.

Ok, I have come out as a drunk and stoned man, in America. I do no other drugs, I don't sell my ass for a profit, I don't hurt people and I love to help people.

Actually, if the local police read this post, and decide that they need to knock down my door for a small pot baggy that will probably be empty before they arrive, fine! Throw me in the slammer! Sober me up! I'll do my time, I have no ducks to feed!

Update: My daughter Becky just called off her trip here in March, maybe Summer. This changes everything...