Hi everyone, this is Ariella, OldManJim's grand-daughter in Orting, WA. I have hacked his blog to show you the birthday present he just gave me. It's actually next month, but he insisted we open it yesterday.

It was my first bike! A funky little pink thing with four wheels, a cool seat, and handle bars that fit my arms.

My dad, the amazing auto body guy, put it together, and my talented mom put my name on it! Here you go:

My first thought when they set me down on it was what the heck is this thing and how am I going to handle myself here, to not disappoint my doting loving parents.

Then I kind of got it, a seat to hold me up, handles I can grab on to, and it moves me around if I try. I like it, maybe one day I will have my own Harley!

Thanks grandpa, can't wait to meet you next month!