My friend Skoge suggested I get a dog, or a cat. I told her Piper was the last cat I would ever have.

Taking an animal into your life is a major commitment, you agree to love and care for them until they die, or you do.

I think that's the problem. If I got a young dog, it would outlive me, and then what would happen to them? An older dog would have both of us bumping up against the fence, and I just couldn't take losing another pet.

Piper's passing broke my heart, badly.

I'll tell you what I really need, is a hot 18 year old illegal immigrant girl showing up at my door looking for a place to live. I'll teach her English instead of how to heel. I'll help her get legal, she can cook taco's for us!

Maybe I should start a web site that hooks up the millions of illegals, who are now in this country with no restrictions or resources, thanks to Joe, with citizens willing to help them out.

But I digress...