I am convinced that Amazon is running a scam. Do you ever wonder where those movie clips on TicTok come from? This is copyrighted material, but it's all over that app.

Here's how it works. I'm scrolling through TicTok, pausing to watch an interesting movie clip, then I click the comments to determine the movie name.

If I find it, I bring up NetFlix, a service I pay for, and all of their content is included for that price, but the movie is never there.

Prime Video on the other hand comes with my Prime membership, and offers a lot of included content. When you go looking for that movie, it's always there, but for the additional rental fee of $3.99, plus tax.

I fell victim to that yesterday, as I have before. I wanted to watch Dreamer with Dakota Fanning as a young girl who races a horse in the Breeders Cup. So I clicked the Rent Now button, and watched it for $4.37.

I think Amazon is finding great movies that are not on NetFlix or other platforms, putting clips on TicTok designed to capture your interest, then making them available on Prime Video at a price.

It's a Scam!