I don't feel well today and I slept till 1000. I had previously shut this blog down for a bit, but it's back, not sure why...

Then I drove to Krogers for water, went back to bed, and slept till 1330. This is very weird for me as I'm usually up at 0400 and stay up all day.

Now I'm sitting here with my first cocktail of the day, that I made before I went back to bed for the second time.

Been writing stupid shit lately, which is the reason I shut the blog down in the first place. Now I've deleted the most offensive stuff, but still leaving it up.

No more notifications. If anybody chooses to submit themselves to my words, drop on by. Otherwise, enjoy your life, without my nonsense...

I had a craving for a couple carnitas tacos at the streetside truck so I drove up there. I've been belching up that crap all afternoon as a result.

Some friends have let me know they were offended by that piece I did on women a while back. Upon reading it again, I understood why, and deleted it.

A couple of days ago I was told by my half sister not to email or text her anymore. She has taken offense at my writing about her dad, Paul Hamilton. You got it sis, another relationship dies on the vine because I speak my mind honestly.

It's a rainy, sick, sad Saturday in Lawrenceburg, TN for me, and I just keep on writing.

If I was prone to it, and flat broke, I would be trying out the fit between my shotgun and my loud mouth, but I am neither. So, I will just write until I can't, and stop shoving it down peoples throats.

This is my personal blog, and if you don't like it, stay away!

I keep making mistakes and losing the few friends I have. I thought I had stopped belching up that Mexican street food, so I put the half-finished drink in the fridge, and went to bed at 2015.

After laying there hiccuping for a half hour, I'm back up. Sipping on a cocktail with melted ice, despondent from my choices, totally sorry about disappointing family and friends, and just working on knocking myself out.

So here's the real deal! Unless I reach out to people with notifications about my blog and my sorry ass life, nobody reaches out to me. That's a pretty pathetic position to be in life, in fact, I killed my blog for a few days and nobody noticed because I didn't tell them.

It's like FaceBook, nobody is going to read about your life unless you post something to entice them to do so, and it shows up in their feed. I've been doing the same thing, via notifications, and it is a pathetic statement of our current lives.

I used to check in with FaceBook to see how the people around are doing, but I've sabotaged that platform so much over the years, it only works on a couple of devices now.

So is their a solution to this mess? I've always enjoyed documenting my life but instead of letting people drop by my blog when they are truly interested, I shove it down their throats.

And they have become used to it. If I don't text or email a blog post link out, folks just assume I didn't write anything.

I am stopping that now, and hey, it works both ways. I wish everyone I know had a blog I could drop into when I truly wanted to know how their life is going. FaceBook sucks, but I guess that's what we got...

But the good news is, you're reading this now because you visited here without a notification, just because you wondered how I was doing!